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Hi Lenny,  I'd appreciate it if you would help me resolve a problem I've been unsucessfully trying to address. Have PCwindows, xp professional SP3,IE8. Problem = I have 2 locations where EXACT DUPLICATES "My Documents" exist. One location is C:Documents & Settings, Owner, My Documents. The other is C:Owners Documents, My Documents.

Have deleted all the documents from one location but found that it also deleted the documents from the other. I restored the documents to one location but found that the same duplicate existed.  Sure would appreciate some help.  Many thanks, Bob


Go to Start->User Accounts->Create Account and create a new USER ACCOUNT under different name with Administrative Privileges i.e. create a new user account as administrator.

-Restart the computer to apply changes.
-Restart the computer and log into Windows using the newly created USER ACCOUNT
-Go to Start->User Accounts and confirm administrative privileges of Owner Account.
Is it set as admin?
If YES, set it as Standard and apply changes.
If NO, leave as it is.

-Open C:\Users\Owner\ in separate window
-Do the same to C:\Users\New User Account\ in separate window

-Copy and paste necessary files from Owner to the "New User Account" folder/file protocol .

I hope this will eliminate file duplication and update resistance.

Good Luck.


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