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my PC has an windows xp operating system.When i turn it on it stops on windows xp logo and its not turning on. What can i do my self? Also when i try to install other xp windows it also stops on a blue screen were is written below <Setup is starting Windows>. So what can i do?

Hello Jonny. You can attempt a repair of your computers current operating system without reinstall the operating system. Insert the installation disk and before you even get to the Windows is starting dialog, near the very beginning you may see options to repair.

The blue screen you are seeing when the words "Setup is Starting Windows" means that there are critical drivers that the Windows installation disk does not have and setup can not continue. The newer the hardware of your computer, the more likely this error will come up when trying to install Windows XP.

In order to install Windows XP onto this computer, try to find a newer version of Windows XP. Example, if you are trying to install Windows XP with Service pack 1 or 2, try to get Service pack 3 also abbreviated to SP3. It may have newer drivers that your hardware runs on allowing for a smooth installation.

If the above doesn't work, or you are already trying to install Windows XP SP3, you will need to use a floppy disk drive and load drivers to that specific to your computers hardware. These drivers may be available at the computer company's website...such as or . The drivers that are often causing the problem are very small in size and can fit just fine on a floppy drive. I can not tell you what driver(s) you will need to put on the disk, but it is information you may find online.

If the above is too much work for what it is worth (and I wouldn't be surprised), you can always just acquire a newer operating system to install or if you don't want to spend any money, you can download a Linux operating system for free, burn it to a CD/DVD, and install that...and you will most definitely not have driver issues! Linux is much different from Windows and a lot of programs you may be used to do not work on Linux, but if you need something to be able to browse the web for the most part, Linux is perfect, and it is much more safe than browsing the web on a Windows OS for security reasons.

Hope this helps you even just a little. Have a great day!

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