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I recently stared experiencing computer problems. When I would try to start the computer, turn it on that is, the light stays orange/amber looking. I read online possible problems which could cause this, so I proceeded to try and 'fix' it myself. Well, one post stated the power supply, so I installed a new one..and still, light stays orange. Could it be the motherboard or possibly the hard drive? My question is are most dell computer parts interchangeable? Could I possibly install a motherboard from another dell computer into my own? I'm trying to save money of course, and would like to fix it myself if possible. Thank you:)

Hi Robbie,

I would take a look at the motherboard to see if there are any bad capacitors. Take a look at the link below to see what they look like:

The parts may be interchangeable if the computer models are similar but not always. You might be able to find used Dell parts online like at eBay.


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