Windows XP/Slow PC


I use an older HP Pavillion a200n with XP home and Firefox as
internet connector and
experience extremely slow search time
and frequent messages saying script may be busy or not responding.
A friend suggested SparkTrust pc cleaber. Are you familiar with this
program and is it safe and effective?
Thank you,

I've never heard of this program before. I have experienced and witnessed that most PC cleaners slow down the computer rather than speed it up. I would not recommend using it.

One program that does work pretty well and doesn't low down the computer is a program call "CCleaner". It is a program you would manually run to clean the computer and it actually does what it is supposed to without trying to charge the user or nag the user into buying the full version.

As for your computer slowness issues, a cleaner in most cases is not enough. I would try using the CCleaner, then clear out all history, cookies, cache of any kind from your browser, uninstall programs you know you do not use (look each one up if you have to) and run the CCleaner again to clear out the extra stuff from the uninstalled programs.

If your computer is still sluggish, take your computer for a professional  computer cleaning at a computer shop locally in your area. They may also be able to point you in the right direction for what things not to in stall in your computer for future purposes.

Hope this helps, have a great day!

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