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Hello Kevin!

I am having a problem with my Windows XP3 sound system on my PC. Until recently I was able to play .WAV sounds, MP3 and MP4s. But as of yesterday I noticed that I could no longer play any .WAV sounds, etc. I went to the Control Panel to check under sounds, etc. but all are still in there as should be. The funny thing is that I can play MIDI sounds quite well but not .WAVs or the others.

In researching this issue on my own, I went to a website on eHow, at:      and followed the "Instructions" given all the way to #5. They suggest selecting the Current_User key but the item they call "<No Name> :REG_SZ:"  was not found on my system! Perhaps this could be the problem? I don't know how I can restore that or if it even needs to be.

In thinking back, I did a Registry Clean recently but don't know if that could have changed the sound files to affect the .WAV or perhaps something else caused it. When Windows starts up I used to hear the Windows Start .WAV sound as well as when it was turned off. But now I cannot hear either of those sounds. I sometimes like to listen to sounds and find that now I cannot. Do you, perchance, know what could be causing this problem and how it can be rectified? I did a system restore, on Puran Utilities, one day *after* the registry cleaning with that program but now it does not appear to restore things to the way it used to be. But again I don't know if this is part of the problem or not.

Thank you for your help!

Hi Trender,

Does that registry cleaner program you used have a "restore" feature? This way it will undo the registry entries that it deleted.

Otherwise, have you tried using the Windows XP system restore feature? Go back to the day before you did the registry cleaning.


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