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Windows XP/laptop toshiba;it powers on but displays black screen


laptop toshiba;it powers on but displays black screen.all lights on but nothing happening,screen is black,cannot even see desktop[nothing

Hello Matthew. This is a common symptom that is caused by an overheated graphics chip. You will have to replace the motherboard (or graphics card if it is a replaceable internal card).

If you do replace the motherboard, you will need to immediately clean the heatsink and fan from the cause of the last motherboard failure before even thinking about reassembling the laptop. The cause of the failure is overheating, and the main source is likely from dust build up from inside the fan and cooling grill of the heatsink. Other causes still root to heat, but any laptop can also be killed by setting it on some cloth of any kind while it is on. This can suffocate it of fresh cool air in which the produced heat from the running computer builds up to produce the same result. Other heat killer causes are a laptop being packed away into a backpack while it is still running (say the laptop didn't turn off when the lid was closed).

So regardless of the death by heat source, the heatsink(s) should be checked and cleaned anyways. The part you'll need to clean is where the fan meets the cooling grill. You may have to have some very tiny Phillips screw drivers depending on the model of the laptop to take the fan assembly apart from the heatsink. Inside the fan and cooling grill, you will very likely find a large build-up of dust, tightly packed and resting against the cooling grill. Remove this dust and any small particles of dust left behind. You want it to look like new before putting the heatsink and fan back together. You can then completely reassemble the laptop from there.

If you do not want to spend a lot of money and/or do not have laptop hardware repair experience, it would be best to sell the laptop for parts and buy a new one.

Hope this helps, have a great day!

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