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Windows XP/printer networking on windows xp cannot print



I have network printer connected to several computer using TCP/IP address setup. One computer using windows xp is unable to print out althought others computers connected to it using windows 7 is able to print out. I have ping the ip address of the printer on the xp computer and the connection is okay as I got 4 files sent and 4 files received with 0 loss.
I found that the documents I want to print is still hang on the printer driver there.
I printer driver is correct as I have install the driver on other computer using windows xp in other places without any problems.
This computer only using xp cannot print out. Is there any setting I need to check on this particular computer.


Alvin, I have a mix of Windows XP and Windows 7 computers also and recently networked them by following this Microsoft article:
I remember having to name and also provide the base Windows 7 computer with a password.
Also install the chosen printer driver on all computers. Then the described procedure in the article worked satisfactorily.
Since you seem to be well along in your networking setup, you might just compare your procedure with that in the article and identify any key differences.
Good luck, Carl  

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