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I thought I had submitted this earlier but I have not received a confirmation (which I usually receive right away).  So - sorry if this is a duplicate.

I have a Windows XP machine.  I've had Adobe Flash installed and working fine for come time.  I use two browsers alternately.  Mostly Mozilla Firefox and occasionally IE8. Suddenly yesterday I began having a problem where flash item would not play in Firefox.  I updated it and then everything works fine in Firefox but none of the flash items work in IE8.  When I look at Adobe's site they mention 2 versions of Flash - one for IE and one for Firefox, etc.  They say the Firefox version works with IE.  Apparently it has been all along as I never had a problem before.  Could this somehow be related to ending XP support?  Any idea how I can get it working for both browsers?  Thanks.

The Adobe Flash Player website indicates that Flash Player 13 works for Windows 7, Vista and XP.
No mention is made of ending Windows XP support.
To download from the website, a choice must be made whether to download a version for IE or for OTHER browsers.
Sounds as if you should download both versions if using IE and Firefox and that they are different.

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