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Hello Kevin,
My computer runs on windows xp.  Somebody spooked me by saying that when support expires this week, xp computers will be vulnerable to hackers.  I am nervous that credit card information stored on my computer for online shopping will be hacked.  My questions:
a. is this a real possibility?
b. I have cleared my browsing history from internet explorer and google chrome.  Is there a way to access and clear the inner guts of the computer - you know, the place the FBI looks when they confiscate your computer and you think you've deleted stuff but really you haven't?  (Is that real or just a TV plot device?) Please don't use the word "registry" in your answer - I'm not computer savvy enough to deal with that.
thanks for your time,

Hi Jonathan,

Yes, if you have any credit card information stored on the computer there is a possibility it can be stolen. Viruses can do this as well so it's not just a Windows exploit.

What is the reason for doing this? You can do a low level format on your hard drive and set it to be overwritten several times where it's unrecoverable. But that will wipe out the entire hard drive. If you just want to do this for Google Chrome, go to the menu and choose Incognito mode where it won't store any of your browsing information.


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