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Windows XP/Office Application no longer supported


Now that Microsoft has ended support for XP i am unable to run the new version of office.

Is there any kind of work around that would allow this?

Legally of course.

Hello Edward. The coding for Windows and Office are both done by Microsoft and Microsoft has purposely coded Office to not work with Windows XP "just because". There is absolutely nothing in the newer version of Office that wouldn't actually work on the Windows XP operating system. They are basically forcing users who use Windows XP and want the latest version of Office to upgrade their operating system (more money in their pockets).

I would advise to continue using the version that works fine on Windows XP. There really isn't anything between each version that would make it worth upgrading anyways.

Now if you are unable to use Office at all for some reason, you can always switch over to "OpenOffice" which has all the same functionality as Microsoft Office and allows you to save documents in the native .doc or .docx Microsoft Office file types. All you need to do is open the drop down menu on the save window and click the appropriate file type. OpenOffice also allows you to open/save files from/for all other types of Office programs, such as Lotus Word, AbiWord, and of course Microsoft Office (multiple versions).

Hope this helps, have a great day!

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