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QUESTION: Hello, I've  been trying to connect a desktop pc to my house's wifi, but whenever I go into network settings, the only thing listed is "local area connection 2" and I can't seem to find "wireless network connection", I've done this successfully before with another xp, and the same wifi usb adapter that I'm using now (that I know works). I'd surely appreciate the help, as I'm kinda stuck...


ANSWER: Hello Alec. Did your WiFi adapter come with a CD? From what you've told me, it sounds like you just need to install the driver for the adapter.

I would also check the device manager just to confirm the computer sees the adapter being plugged in. This is mainly for the case of making sure that USB port is fully functional or outputs enough power to power the adapter (in which I would just recommend trying a different USB port if the computer doesn't see the adapter at all.

Hope this helps, have a great day!

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QUESTION: Thanks for the fast response, yes it did come with a cd which I can't seem to find anymore,  its a dlink n-300 for the  dir-615, except a while back I got AT&T uverse, and have had to use their wifi router rather than the dlink, it has worked in the past but I'm not sure it will now if I have to set up the driver again (which I don't have). I've read that you can download the cd or  it's driver from dlinks website, but all I see is firmware, manuals, and a data sheet, no drivers. I've also read that there is a way to connect without the cd but I have no idea how to go about that if it's true, I'm about ready to just buy a new wifi adapter with a driver after I've spent so much time trying to do such a basic task to no avail, but since I'm sure the original is functional, (and it also does show up in the device manager and seems to be working properly, it just needs the driver as you said) if it's possible to connect with what I've got it sure would be nice...

Thanks again

ANSWER: If you give me the model number of the WiFi adapter like you gave me the model number of your Dlink router, I can likely give you a link to downloading the driver you need directly.

The model number should be visible on the sticker on the bottom of the WiFi adapter. Just let me know what it is and I'll get you squared away.

Have a great day!

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QUESTION: Thanks it's much appreciated! Im the model number is: DWA-130

Thanks again!

Here is the support page for Dlink which contains the download link :

Please do check the hardware revision of the wireless adapter (on the same sticker as the model number) so you can select that from the drop down list and download the correct version.

I pretended I was going to download it myself so I can see what to expect on the menu. On the download page, selecting any of the hardware revisions from the list (be sure to select the right one for yours though) will bring 3 or 4 items available to download. Be sure to download the driver link, but before that, make sure it doesn't say "Driver (Mac)". There is a drop down menu on the driver row that allows you to choose which version with the OS type in parenthesis. Just make sure it just says Driver and then it's driver version, presented in numbers and dots.

Download and then install the file, following the instructions on screen. If it wants to install anything other than the basic driver, see if there is a checkbox that allows you to not install the extra stuff. Windows XP operates just fine with it's built-in software for Wireless connectivity once a device is recognized and can be used.

Have a great day!

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