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I have a zip file. Windows Explorer calls it a PART file.
I want to open it, i.e., unzip it. When I right click the file, then click on "Extract All", I get all sorts of error messages, but I cannot open it! I want to use it in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Can you help?



ANSWER: Hi Chris,

Where did you get this file? If you downloaded, can you download it again? It sounds like the zip file was not completely downloaded or copied over. This usually gets appended with a .part when it's not complete.


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QUESTION: hi Kevin!
I've got a book by Microsoft Press. In the book, they advise that the practice files can be accessed by going to the book's errata page at:

I opened the above site, and spent too much time to find the file, but finally found it.
But once I found it, as I explained earlier, I could not unzip it.
Could you try it, and if successful, send me the unzipped file?
You would be doing me a great favor.



Hi Chris,

Is this the companion ticket download link at:

Delete the PART file that you have and try downloading the file again. If it still gets downloaded as a PART (which means it's not the full download), then try using another browser like Firefox or Chrome. You can also try clearing your temporary cache files as that may help also.


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