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I am using a desktop with XP.A reference to Drive E has appeared in My Computer file.I have no Drive E installed and my removable drives have been renamed F and G.How can I correct this please? I have AVG and Spybot installed.

Hello Dennis. We first need to see what the E drive is exactly. Open "My Computer" and look at the drives listed. Then, one at a time, pull out any connected drives, including USB drives and external hard drives/DVD drives. When drive E disappears, the last drive you disconnected will be your answer. You can also just access drive E to see what is on it as to give you another clue to what the drive actually is. When looking at the "My Computer" page, each drive will have its letter listed as well as the name it is referenced to. It may say "Local Disk", "DVD Drive", "Removable Drive" or the actual name of the media drive (say you plug in an HP w125 USB drive, it will by default display that instead of the base name "Removable Drive").

If you have named your removable drives F and G, by default, E is blank if not already filled up by extra internal drives. In most computers, E will be empty and will often be automatically assigned as the first letter to a removable drive if said device was not already given a letter to assign to on a future connection of the device.

Having the letter E occupied in no way can do harm to your computer, so if you are unable to identify what Drive E is, don't worry about it. Any new drives you connect will just take on the next available letter in the alphabet at a given time.

Having AVG and Spybot would not have any effect on the issue you are experiencing, however AVG and Spybot are, given past experience with computer customers, very bad programs to use, usually in terms of making your computer much slower without actually protecting your computer any more than if you didn't have any antivirus programs. I would suggest getting "Avast" and "Malwarebytes" in place of your current antivirus programs.

Hope this all helps, have a great day!

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