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QUESTION: \Help, please, help
Hi Flinix,
It all started,2 days ago, when I wanted to deal with too many pop-ups.I settled it all right but then I saw  some doubled files and folders in my "My Computer/C-local disc of MY Windows XP and I started to delete them. I deleted everything I thought I should.
Now my huge problem is that I can not Remove from Add or Remove   
programs two things:MapsGalaxy and InboxAce Toolbars because it reads:RUNDLL:error loading C:PROGRA ~ 1\INBOXA ~ 2\bar\1.bin\1gBar.dll

Please,Dear Expert,help me. In May of last year I got an excellent answer from you good people and without any doubts I am looking forward to hear from you in this matter.
Also, I would appreciate very much if you could advice me how to get best anti-virus software to go with without spending a dime.
I thank you.  
Regards, Branka

ANSWER: Hello Branka. There is a great solution to your problem. A program called "CCleaner" will give you some options to get around this particular issue. Go ahead and download and install it here: . Just get the free version as it will do more than you'll ever need.

Once installed, open it and go to the Tools pane. By default, this will open the Uninstall page that lists the programs just like "Add and Remove Programs" does. Try uninstalling the unwanted programs once again. It will likely fail, but it is worth trying again through a different method. If it fails, go ahead and right click the entry on the list you do not want and click "Delete Entry". That will remove it from the regular list of Add/Remove as well as the CCleaner program after doing this.

After deleting the entry, it would also be advisable to go to the "Cleaner portion of the program and clean out some of the gunk that has built up. This will give you both more hard drive space as well as help clear temp file directories that can help boost the performance of specific web browsers that use the temp directory for caching everything.

After running the cleaner, go ahead and run the Registry portion of the program. It will scan for registry keys that are no longer in use (say from updates of programs or uninstalls), and remove them completely. If you've never run this program before, you'll probably get a decent sized list that can be cleared from the computer.

As for a good Antivirus program, I highly suggest "Avast! Antivirus" and "Malwarebytes". Both can be acquired for free. Whatever you do, uninstall any and all other antivirus programs, run the CCleaner program again, then continue. Avast is a suite application that runs on start up and gives you many features and a lot of scan options. I've used it for years. Haven't gotten a virus since. Malwarebytes is not a suite application, but a "run when you want to" program. Because it is not a suite program, it will not clash with Avast as it runs without the use of multiple live processes. It is good to have this along side of Avast because one virus program will not have ALL virus definitions in the program, so having a second programs that runs a different virus definition library increases your chances of catching a virus before it does any real damage.

Hope this help,s have a great day!

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QUESTION: YES,YES THANK YOU BUT: it says, after I did it all that you suggested and it was as you said( It will likely fail, but it is worth try...)but  after scanning the registry on the bottom left( scan for issues) what next??????? how to remove them completely?????? on the right bottom it says Fix selected issues. don't know what to do next. HELP,please. thank you for your prompt. help.
and i have  avast but i somehow do not like it.thank you anyway.thank you.

After scanning for the issues, just click the "Fix Selected Issues..." button. By default, all the found registry keys from the scan are selected, so all you have to do is literally, click the button, choose whether you want to backup your registry, and continue.

It will ask if you want to back up your registry for future recovery purposes. That is up to you. I personally have never needed to recover a previous version of my registry, so I just hit no and then continue to get the stuff cleaned out.

Now you'll actually want to run the registry cleaner more than once as many times as it takes to clean out all the junk registry keys. It usually only takes a max of 3 times, at which are very quick.

I would suggest doing some research on the start up items that you can access on the "startup" tab of the program. Knowing what each does, you may find that most of the stuff is not needed and/or is actually hindering the computer's performance quite a bit. If you are unsure about something, disable it, restart the computer and try out the computer to see if everything is good. It is heavily recommended not to disable anything driver related, and you'll need to identify which startup items on your computer are drivers that are needed to load on the computer. If you have a video driver control panel, you can safely disable the control panel as that is just an add-on to the driver's setting manager that can already be controlled by the Windows OS.

If you do not like Avast, say with it always telling you about updates being installed or other messages which can get kinda annoying, you can turn on "Silent/Gaming Mode" and it will turn off many of said messages. You can also edit which messages (of the four main types) display in the first place, though I would keep virus alerts on for obvious reasons. Also, if you find a feature called "Software Updater" built into the Avast program, disable that feature. It is a newer feature that I personally don't care to use because I will update my programs at my own will. If you decide you do not want to use Avast by preferences, allow me to suggest never installing AVG, Norton (Symantec), and McAfee. They are the worst programs one can use as they do not do well with security, defeating the purpose of viral protection, and they are incredibly bulky programs that run many many processes in the background which take up a large amount of resources.

Hope this helps, have a great day!

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