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hi flinix, magandang araw po (good day)!
im using a netbook, windows xp os, im in trouble with this shortcut virus perhaps, my usb files become hidden and the usb icon is in shortcut icon??? when i drag it to my desktop, same thing happened.
i tried to scan my usb using avast antivirus but won't detected and i deleted all my files and reformat my usb but sad to say..... i happened again.
i try to make some doc files and save it to my documents folders. then copy it to same usb, it work. but when i attached and inserted again my usb....oh my goodness! still a shortcut icon appears and files aren't there.

pinoy ako

Hi Nelson, 元気ですか (How are you?).

There are viruses designed to infect and cause problems for flash drives down to the firmware. Not yet knowing if this is the case for you, I would like to know if you can try any other flash drives on your computer to see if they act the same way, or if it is just that one flash drive.

If another flash drive does the same thing, it is likely a configuration issue with Windows. If only the one flash drive has the issue, I would recommend performing a low level format on that flash drive or performing a format via the Windows format utility, but uncheck the "quick format" option before actually performing the format.

If the shortcut continues to pop up, instead of clicking onto the shortcut, got to Start--->My Computer and enter the flash drive from there. It is possible that the shortcut you are seeing is actually a secondary partition made for the utilities that some flash driver brands include This partition will likely be very small, just big enough to actually hold the applications. The actual partition used to allow you to store your data will be much bigger than this secondary application partition.

If you are able to store your items by going through "My Computer", go ahead and do it from that way from now on.

FYI, When you plug in the flash drive, it should "Autoplay" on Windows where it opens up a menu asking you what you want to do on the flash drive, one of the options being to open the drive in folder view.

Hope this helps, 素晴らしい一日を! (have a great day!)

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