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i am running Firefox on XP that has gotten very slow particularly at boot.  I have done CC cleaner, defrag, clear history Avast full scan, sophos scanwith litle improvement.  I did a search with the word boot and got a long list of things that I am curious about.  Can you suggest anything in that list I might delete to improve this or particularly things I should NOT delete?  I don't want to trouble you with the whole long list unless you so wish.  Thanks

A slow machine can be due to hardware and/or software problems.
1) Try a SAFE mode boot with communicating (i.e. internet) capability. Or simply use a word processing program in the SAFE mode. If response speed is OK then the slowness is probably
due to too much software starting at boot. Note that different model computers have different
ways to enter the SAFE mode so look at your computer manual for that info.
2) Another thing to try: Do a normal boot not a SAFE mode boot. Then depress the CTRL & the ALT
& the DELete keys simultaneously. You will see a list of running programs. Highlight and shut
these programs down one at a time so that you can learn which one impacts computer performance.
Key on the program names that you recognize - system program will most likely be unfamiliar.
3) How to limit the number of programs starting at boot?

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Do a Google search for a "start-up manager" or

Click Start > Run and type "msconfig" at the prompt. Click the Startup tab and look at all that junk that loads when you launch your PC. Do you really need "Adobe Reader Speed Launch"? Probably not. Turn off anything else that looks useless, but be careful not to disable your anti-virus and important system components.  

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