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Hello and Happy 2015!

I have two computers connected with a Cisco router. The "master" computer uses Windows XP; the other computer uses Windows 7.
In recent months, both computers are slowing down, i.e., hit a key and wait too long to see a response.
The master computer reacts more slowly than the other one; is Windows XP the problem?

Can this slowness be solved by remote assistance, or does someone have to come to the house?

Thanks for your reply.


The problem is definitely not Windows XP. Windows XP is just an operating system. It doesn't have the power on its own to affect the router or other computers in any way.

There could be three types of problems here.

One could be router placement and signal integrity (if the computers are connected via wireless). If they are plugged in via Ethernet, signal integrity is not the issue. So if the computers are using WiFi to connect to the router, the signal between the router and both computer may be poor. If a wireless phone base has recently been moved close to where you have the router installed, the base could very likely be causing massive interference to the router causing poor signal strength and therefore slow responsiveness. One customer in my area had this issue and it was fixed by moving the router away from the phone base.

The second possible issue is a more serious one. If the computers seem to be slow to respond to things not just related to load a web page, but the whole computer seems a little sluggish, you likely have a bunch of junk in both computers OR a virus in one that has jumped onto the other via the network (yes, some viruses can do that) OR a program you feel is safe to install is actually not and when installing it on both computers, you are experiencing poor performance from computers that have much of their resources used up by bad programs. I highly recommend following through on this guide ( ) to making both your Windows XP and Windows 7 (and any other OS for that matter) removed of junk, faster, more responsive, and better security.

The third type of issue could be your Internet browser choice and cache. Please don't tell me you are using Internet Explorer, anything but that browser. Internet Explorer is extremely insecure, always unstable, and slows and sometimes crashes when the cache folder it uses fills up. If you are using any web browser and don't ever clean the cache ( done with a built in tool in the browsers settings), the build up of cache will eventually slow it down a bit (but not as bad as Internet Explorer). I highly recommend using Firefox or Chrome for security, stability, and speed improvements.

Hope this helps, sorry for the long wait on the response. Have a great day!

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