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My old computer has xp and the original internet explorer refuses to access sites I use frequently.  Firefox permits me to do this but i have to refresh it daily.  What's with firefox anyway--a nonprofit pathetic site?  Google chrome refuses to load claiming my system lacks the capacity.  Any suggestions?

Hi Clem,
Microsoft is no longer supporting Windows XP this means that Microsoft will not release any new updates for it. Because Microsoft is no longer supporting Windows XP other software companies such as Mozilla (Firefox) and Google (Chrome) will soon, if they haven't already, stop releasing programs that will run on XP. Java for example no longer is releasing updates for their software that runs on XP.

Firefox is created by Mozilla, a non profit, and a good alternative for Internet Explorer which in the past has been slow and a security risk. Firefox 42, the latest version of Firefox does support Windows XP.  

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