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Windows XP/updated Adobe Flash Player


Hi,Carl,how are you?

I have Windows XP on the computer in question. After opening and perusing the Facebook site, out of nowhere, a screen appears telling me to update Adobe Flash Player. First, I see a screen with the following text:

         This plugin is vulnerable and should be updated
         Activate Adobe Flash
         Check for updates

I click one of the above lines and find the following instructions:

1.   To proceed, open your download folder and locate the Adobe Flash Player installer file, for example “install_flashplayer[xxx].exe.”
2.   Double-click on the installer to complete the installation. For additional help, click here.

My problem is that I can't find the download folder, therefore I can't follow instruction #2..."double click on the installer.."

Can you tell me how to find the download folder, so that I can go on from there?



Finding the download folder using Internet Explorer:
1) Open Internet Explorer
2) Press "Alt-X" to open Internet Explorer's Tools menu.
3) Click "View Downloads" to open the Downloads window.

Before downloading a file, you can also set "choose download location'
in your browser options.

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