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Windows XP/Installing Windows XP Home 32bit on an HP Pavilion Slimline S5510F Desktop PC originally having Windows 7. Home Prem. 64bit


Having some multible ?'s with my tasks I am trying to do for my HP Pavilion Slimline S5510F Desktop PC.
ITEMS @ HAND FOR TASK (software):
original OEM Software cd, (XP Home - 32bit), purchased from

Western Digital 1.0TB that's already formatted TO: NTFS, externally out of desktop tower, on another pc using a USB 2.0 to SATA/IDE Cable Adapter from Inland, bought @ Microcenter.
I have a hard drive for this pc already formatted,          (TO: NTFS / CAPACITY: 1.TB), & bare for the task @ hand.

This pc D I D have 7., Home Prem. 64bit on it, but trying to locate xp home 32bit drivers to be used with this pc model, but can't find them.

I have an original OEM Software cd, (XP Home - 32bit), purchased from, & all I am after are the drivers that C A N be used with my HP Slimline series desktop


Hi Christopher,
How old is this computer? If it is fairly new (purchased in the last couple years), I highly doubt you will be able to find the drivers for all of the hardware. PCs that came with Windows 7 are difficult to find Windows XP drivers for.

Side not Microsoft has stopped supporting XP as of April 2014 this means that their will be no more updates of any kind for it. So the older it gets the more of a security risk it becomes. Microsoft is recommending upgrading to Windows 10, which if the PC in question originally had Windows 7 on it you can get Windows 10 for free, but this won't last long. I recommend that if you are happy with your current operating system (unless it is older than Windows 7) then stick with it. Otherwise upgrade to 10.

Additionally because Microsoft no longer supports XP other software companies will also soon stop supporting it, some already have.

I currently have three computers running Windows 7 and one running Windows 10 and I like them both.

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