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This just appeared out of nowhere and I wonder if I should get rid of it?  I just reformatted to day one on this 7 yr old detop with windows xp and now it is refusing me to get on any or my secure investment websites that it never did before. I'vindicated my Bank of America as a trusted site and it still gives me the message internet explorer can't open this website as it does with my credit card sites and stock brokerage.  I've tried using mozilla as my opening page and it still does this.

The issue you are experiencing is based on a simple problem. The computer's time/clock is not correct. Because the computer's time is not correct, the alignment for --->security certificates<--- for websites don't match, making the security certificates coming from the websites appear to the computer that they are bad, which then halt the loading of the page, giving you the problem you are experiencing.

Fix the computer's time and try a website again. Check your time zone as well while you're at it.

A good thing to do, since the desktop is 7 years old, is replace the watch battery that is installed on the motherboard. When the computer is off and/or unplugged, the battery keeps all BIOS settings and the time going so it doesn't reset. It is very possible that your current battery is weak or dead (usually an error that pops up before the operating system starts to load where you just hit a key to bypass).

It is always a good idea to check the time in the BIOS as well. The time in the BIOS can carry over to the OS if the OS has no other source to pull a time from, say when installing said operating system.

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