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Windows XP/Windows Search is Pretty Much Blank


Windows XP Search
Windows XP Search  

 If you are able to do so; please tell me why the search window in my Windows XP Professional operating system is as shown in the attached image, and how to remedy the problem.  

Thank you very much.  

Gary Skinner

ANSWER: Hello Gary,

Please log into XP as Administrator.
Then open Windows Command Prompt window.
Click START then RUN.
Then copy and paste first line below and press ENTER
Then repeat with the next line.

regsvr32 /i %windir%\srchasst\srchui.dll
regsvr32 %windir%\system32\jscript.dll

There should be a confirmation message after each line execution.

Restart XP and check whether problem still exists.

In case of further complications, please get back to me.

Happy Easter

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System Properties
System Properties  
Windows XP Search
Windows XP Search  
QUESTION: Hello Lenny,

 Thank you very much for replying and giving me something to try.  I followed your instructions.  The two .dll files installed successfully; unfortunately the problem persists.  I don't know if it's of any help, but I have attached an image of my System Properties, and an image of the Search Window as it appears after applying your suggested solution. It also shows that "Close" is the only selection offered under "File".  The same condition existed before I tried your solution, so as far as I can tell, no change was made to the Search Window.  Any further help will be appreciated.  

Thank you very much, and Happy Resurrection Day to you and yours.

Gary Skinner

ANSWER: Hello Gary,

One of a kind file responsible for the proper workings of the search interface may have been damaged too. It requires re-installation and this can only be done via Registry manipulation(which is kind of tricky and unreliable) or by downloading it.

I would say, we go for the later option. The link I have attached for you below has got the download plus installation instructions.

Please click on this LINK HERE

Follow the instructions thoughout the page and if possible try to save the particular file to a secindary USB drive. Reason being you might not be able to find the file as the SEARCH tool is damaged.

Once the assignment is accomplished (downloading, installation and restart).
Create a secondary user account(GUEST is ideal) then log into windows.

Perform a test to confirm whether the blank UI is repaired. If so then log out and get into your ADMIN account. Perform the same test....if succesful then the REGISTRY portion has been fixed.

If not, then please get back to me.......

God bless.

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PC Health Advisor Setup Message
PC Health Advisor Setu  

WinZip Error Message Upon Opening SRCHASST INF Zip File
WinZip Error Message U  
QUESTION: Hello again Lenny,

 Thank you for replying again and supplying the link.  I downloaded the  SRCHASST.INF repair tool, and it fails to open (the pop-up message is attached).  I downloaded the "SRCHASST.INF" zip file, and it fails to open (the pop-up message is attached).  
 The System Properties of my Computer, a Dell Precision M90 Mobile Workstation, are:
System: Windows XP Professional; Version 2002; Service Pack 3
Computer: Intel(R) Corel(TM)2 CPU; T7600 @ 2.33GHz; 978 MHz, 3.25 GB of RAM; Physical Address Extension.  
 If you need more information, please let me know.  

Thank you very much, and God bless you, too.  

Gary Skinner


Hello Gary,

I am sorry to inform you that your computer will need to undergo a System Restore repair procedure. Now that it has failed the basic twists and turns, it must stretch its arm a bit further for that coin under the sofa. System Restore will be the only way out here for it to repair its Registry.

Firstly, try to run a basic registry scan and repair and see whether the OS will heed to it.

1-Click on Start->Run
2-Type "SCANREGW.EXE" without quotes
3-Click OK
4-Follow the prompts to complete the scan
5-Restart system once complete

Better still to make your work easier, you could utilize the tool from the link below:


Like I said, if all does not seem to work out for you then I must insist you run a SYSTEM RESTORE on your machine. Unfortunately, I have got no ways out for you as I do not offer remote support.

Kind Regards,

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