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Hello, I think my monitor is going as it went first green/yellow,
I read online if you plug in old CRT monitors sometimes they will stop doing that. Mine is old samsung syncmaster 753 DF.

So i did unplug it and re-plug in and it did have color come back for about a half hour. Then went to yellow green again. Now all med blue. Basically black and blue. I can see just enough to type this.

I don't have any other PC to plug this monitor into so how will I know if it's monitor blue or blue screen of death on my PC?

This monitor has had heavy use for many years though and is old CRT so?

thanks for your help

Hi Michelle,
First this is not the blue screen of death (BSOD) if it was you would not be able to us the computer at all.

Either the cable or the monitor is bad. If you have a notebook or at least have access to a friends, you can use it to connect the monitor to for testing purposes, as most monitors also have a port to connect an external monitor to.

You can buy a new monitor from BestBuy or starting at $79.99

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