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I frequently get emails with pictures that I can view but for some reason when I forward them the pictures aren't included, only the text and sometimes even that is jibberish.  Is there a way to make these forwardable so my friends can enjoy them as well?  Also I'm just wondering if you have ever run across the situation where the @ and " are switched on the keyboard? Apparently this is a bootleg version of windows 8 which I suppose is the cause but I just wonder how good old Microsoft managed to create this weird problem.  I tried a different keyboard and both do the same thing.

I can not assist you with the email forwarding issue as that sounds like a problem with email service provider settings.

I can, however, help you with the " and @ keys being swapped. I actually have this set on on of my computers. The keyboard is set in the operating system as English (UK). The keyboard layout is nearly identical except for those two keys and I believe the "pound currency" key instead of the dollar sign in the number line of keys on the keyboard.

Simply go to Control Panel and go to keyboard options (or regional settings depending on the OS) and change it over to English (US).

Hope this helps, have a great day!

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