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In the following situation, what can you recommend.
With refer to 3 to 4 different people sharing a computer on a single network; and one does not want any one person to monopolize the network- ie. place passwords, control the network, control other peoples files, have exclusive access to others internet browsing etc.
What do you recommend the 3 or 4 people who use the computer should know so that no one secretly controls everyone data. For example one person added a new user with a password.
Another question is how does one ensure that each of the 4 users have privacy in browsing the internet and that one or one with the password user does not have exclusive access to view everything that the other 3 do on the computer.

The conditions desired can be approximated by using passwords properly and also virtual private networks (VPN). IF all users are cooperative and honest. However, I would frankly recommend that no computer or network be shared by members of this group. And perhaps not even living space - since sharing physical access to a computer makes digital security very difficult if not impossible. For example, free software is available which reliably displays all users passwords.

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