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Good day
While copying 1000's of folders and files from a external portable drive to my laptop, I encounter error message - hinting file(s) are too long and cannot be copied. This happens at when all of the files to be copied are not still copying. Once I get the error message, the rest of the files to be copied is unable to be copied. For example if 50% of files are copied and I get the error message, I end up losing the other 50% files since the copying stalls once I get the error message.
Since there are 1000's of long files, it cannot be done manually. Can you recommend a few quick solutions that can be used to fix this issue or shorten files automatically.
Attached are two screen shots; one of the error message and the other showing the files to be copied stalling.

Question: Which of these is causing the problem?
1) File path too long or 2) File name too long or 3) File too large
If the file path is too long - move the file to upper level of Windows Explorer.
If the file name is too long - rename to shorten.
If the file is too large - ZIP, RAR etc. Archive compression.
All the above are manual operations; I do not know how to do these automatically
when copying.

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