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Hi Kevin,
I have a Dell Inspiron 1525, running xp.  When putting on headphones I only get one channel / side giving audio.  Hardware shows sigmatel working properly.
Volume control set to high.  There are two output jacks for headsets, both only produce sound on one side, also hooking up a HDMI cable to the TV now only shows video on tv, but no sound is transmitted to the tv, but you can hear it on one channel, side on using a headset.  I also reinstalled the driver.

Please advise.



The first question I will ask is whether or not you are using the same headphones during all your testing. It is possible that the headphones have simply become broken. It is very common for the wire to wear out or break internally from use or snagging on stuff. Try another pair of headphones that you know work or test the current pair of headphones in another device altogether to make sure both channels of the headphones are working properly.

If the headphones work perfectly fine in another device or you've gotten another set that you know fully works, the only other thing I could recommend doing is going to your sound settings and checking the balance of the channel(s). It is very possible that it is simply set to one channel, be it left or right channel. This simple problem would be to just put the balance in the middle for equality in both channels.

Hope this helps, have a great day!

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