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I have a HP Pavilion DV1000 laptop without any operating system and I have windows XP professional CD that I want to use. I have the computer set to boot from CD/DVD drive. I power on the computer push F10 to enter setup the XP disk starts spinning and on the blue screen at the top it says "windows setup" and across the bottom "setup is loading files" as it flashes through the files that are loading. After that I get a screen that tells me to press "enter" to start windows. When I press enter on the next screen I get this " setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer set up will not continue"

I did find in the BIOS "hard drive self test" which I ran, which took a little over 2 hours, and it came back "pass" so I am making a guess the computer hard drive must have been recognized for this test

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi David,
You most likely need the SATA drivers for the hard drive interface of you computer. Check Dells website for SATA drivers for a floppy disk. Follow the directions from Dell to create the disk. When booting off the Windows XP setup disk press F3 or F8 I forget which one it will tell you down at the bottom of the screen on a white strip where it tells you the current file it is loading. This message will appear shortly after the blue screen appears and is only there for a short about of time. Windows XP setup will eventually prompt you for the floppy disk. If this is successful you will be able to see the hard drive and install Windows XP.

Be aware that Microsoft stopped supporting Windows over two years ago and has not released any new security updates for it since. I recommend installing Windows 7 instead, if the the system has 2 to 4 gigs of RAM. Windows 7 will most likely have the drivers so that it can recognize the hard drive.  

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