QUESTION: Carl, hi I have a Dell with Microsoft XP,. I thought I had this issued fixed. My Dell won't Boot. I tried using the repair module, but not sure
what I'm doing. Please see photo boot Sequence. Is there a free software fix that I can download. Thank you

ANSWER: Kenny, the attached boot manager sequence does not show a bootable hard drive that is recognized by the computer. Looks like the C: hard drive (HDD) with boot sector has failed. If you have another computer, you can perhaps download, for example, free Puppy Linux to a CD or a USB thumb drive then boot the problem computer using that. Or boot from your original XP CDs if available. Then see if the suspect HDD can be accessed. The problem might be limited to the boot sector.

Again, it appears that the C: bootable HDD needs to be replaced followed by the installation of Windows XP or a different operating system. Quite possibly your personal files and data can be salvaged from the suspect hard drive by removing the drive and installing it in an exterior drive case. But only if the problem is limited to the boot sector of course.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Carl, I went to Puppy Linux web site, would you know which version I should down
Load for XP. As you know I need software to repair the Boot Manager.  Also,
is there a download from Microsoft that would update and repair the Boot Manager, and other issues.

Again, thanks for your help


Kenny, It appears that the hard drive on your Windows XP computer has failed.
Your options are to repair this problem computer or replace it with a new one.
1) Repair: If you cannot re-install Windows XP to this failed hard drive then it must be replaced.
If you cannot replace this failed hard drive yourself, get a computer shop to do this for you.
Then install Windows XP or another operating system on the new hard drive.
Your computer will then boot.
2) My reference to Puppy Linux and/or an external hard drive case for the failed hard drive
was only to help in possibly rescuing some of your data files from the failed hard drive.
If you want to attempt this rescue, download a 32 bit Puppy Linux .iso file to a dvd and then boot
your problem computer with that dvd. Or purchase an external hard drive case.
There is a possibility that neither of these methods will be able to access files on the
failed hard drive since it might be completely non-functional.

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