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Windows XP/all my free space disappearing


gabe wrote at 2008-11-25 08:06:33
Hi there, i had the same issue that you were and in fact it is a much simpler answer than what most people think. The actual issue is that as long as you are using a version of windows newer than 98, it will constantly store restore points which take up a rediculous amount of hardrive space, and are not located under disk cleanup.  Here is what you do. right click on "my computer" or "computer" option under your start up menu. then select properties. then click on system protection. you will then see a box that says, automatic restore points, make sure every box is unchecked then click apply.  You should notice then immediately that all the hard drive space you have been missing will return.  you will no longer experience a contant drain on your hard drive either.  However there is a warning, the restore points are what allows your computer to return to a previous state if you make a change that becomes destructive to your computer, this is a situation that is very rare unless you go around deleting things in your OS.  but its still a risk.  The unfortunate problem is that windows OS is not very frugal with the amount of hard drive space it takes to create restore points, which is why imo its simply better to disable them to prevent your computer from crashing due to lack of memory.  But regardless, this should fix your problem

David wrote at 2010-01-25 21:13:15
WoW! 120 gigabyte of my hard drive space i found in a text doc. I deleted it and my problem is solved.

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Jennifer Mccarthy wrote at 2014-01-30 11:32:13
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