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Wine/The Dreaded Pieroth again!!


David H wrote at 2010-02-17 19:04:17
I am one of the 'mafia' sales people you refer to. And in fact I can understand your point of view, as our wines ARE expensive. Certainly more so than the now infamous supermarket 3-for-a-tener generation of mass produced wines that flood our market today. The difference, DAVE, is that I don't slander other peoples standing to get my point across.

Yes our wines are more expensive, sure there high quality, but you also get to sample these high quality, single estate wines in the comfort of your home or office, & at NO COST TO YOU! You also have another human being to talk to if you have questions or problems, as well as a FULL 'To your satisfaction' guarantee on your purchase. No going out of your way to pop in to Majestics or the constant junk mail of mail order wine clubs.

So perhaps next time you plan to sling some mud our way, you could spare a thought for the rep working 70+ hours a week, or even better, the fact that some drinkers might not all be connoisseurs, and actually enjoy what our company has to offer. Just a thought from your local Mafia representative!!

David H  

David Ling wrote at 2010-02-18 12:14:47
Hi Dave,

Thanks for your friendly note!

I'm sure you don't qualify for mafia membership and it's a shame that your credibility, both personally and as a company, has suffered so badly from the antics of some of your 'colleagues'.

It's certainly fair comment to point out that the convenience offered by your organisation may outweigh the price premium for some people. But I hope you will concede that others may prefer to sample wines in the impartial atmosphere of a specialist merchant who can offer equal or better quality at lower prices. Or to deal with a specialist via phone or email.

(I'm not talking supermarkets or off-license corner shops here, but most towns still have proper wine merchants - thankfully!)

Satisfaction guarantees are a legal requirement for anyone selling anything by phone or on-line in the UK, so - while I share your view of some junk mail marketeers - puchasers have only themselves to blame if they buy rubbish and do nothing about it!

Again, how nice to hear from a Pieroth rep in such a civil manner!


Acider drinker wrote at 2010-08-25 10:19:11

I found this question and it's answer very interesting, as i am about to apply for a job with "Pieroth". As with any company i apply for work with, i always research them first. I have to admit what i have read has put me off. looking at the wages and comission (which i'm guessing is where the reps make their money) i can see why there's lots of pressure to sell as much as you can. But there's no way i want to work 70+ hours per week. Is the product really not that good?

David Ling wrote at 2010-08-26 09:30:48

I wouldn't want to damn all of their products out of hand because I haven't tasted all of them. But I will say that I've never had one that I thought compared well with anything I know at the same price point.

I've never worked for them but the party plan system might allow you to earn a bit extra over and above another job if you like working evenings.

Good luck anyway.



gcg wrote at 2011-04-05 11:22:10
Very true about Pieroth telephone sales. Always a Special Offer on your favourite? wine.The wine you like !!!. Gift offers in galore. Every now and again you could get one of these. Promise of three last year 2010 recieved nil. Never thought of Pieroth as a devious organization, now , I must re-consider its methods,sales,promises and most important to pensioners PRICES.

unhappy pieroth EX customer wrote at 2012-12-23 23:25:46
I have had the most terrible time with Pieroth wines.  Yes their wine is OK, but it is over priced and when you add the VAT and the delivery it really is not worth the excess.  Plus no matter how often we advise them that we do not want telephoning every couple of weeks with offers, they continue to phone week in week out and sometimes late into the evening and during the weekend.  Ok you get to taste the wines, but there are other mediums that allow you to do this without being constantly hounded.  I wouldn't go there if I were you.

Anthony wrote at 2013-01-24 13:59:43
Totally agree that Pieroth are bad. They are the most archaic  company I have ever dealt and their customer service is appalling, some examples -

1. It is almost impossible to order anything online

2. Noone picks up their phone and on the rare occasions they do you get a very grumpy woman from head office who usually gives you another number which you then call and noone picks up

3. The delivery times are very very vague and not stuck to, it could be 2 weeks, it could be 5 - who knows?

4. Prior to the tasting the wine rep rang up adn asked what sort of wines my friends were in to - I said full bodied reds - he brought almost exclusively sweet whites

5. The sales reps know next to nothing about the wines anyway - on asking ours if he has been trained in wines he answered "I have been trained in sales"

I could go on and on but in short I can't find any redeeming features and wholeheartedly concur with the other sceptics on this post.  

Jon wrote at 2013-02-01 07:47:53
Many of their wines are from Europe which over there sell for example 6 euros. Like the Burg Layer Schlosskapelle they love to say is always out of stock... Sure it tastes good but why is there such a massive mark up to buy these cheap european wines in New Zealand and Australia? There is making money and then there is just being greedy.

I say go on their wines tasting tours or events and try but don't rush in, especially when it is sold at 1 dozen minimum purchase! Seriously!  

BananaBungalow wrote at 2013-03-31 21:15:44
...I was disheartened to read these accounts. We had such delightful educational experiences with them in the mid-90's in Southern California. A wonderful, mature, educated gentleman named Jacques-Pierre came to our home for custom tastings - we had a party on the patio with friends. He was charming and not pushy in any way. Attending their sponsored tastings was also educational, and we purchased cases of favorites to use during the year. When he left the company, we left the company. $20 a bottle was our budget back then, which is laughable now I know! It was this person, more than the company, that made the entire process so fun. He moved to France and started his own winery, and we didn't order from PRP any longer as the younger associates were pushy and disrespectful to us. We are nostalgic for those times, but there is a glut of good wine out there for a good price and we don't need the "custom" experience any longer..

Alt wrote at 2013-09-22 13:36:07
If you thinking about buying the tasting experience, don't. Have a few words about my experience with pieroth:

- the price is 100 pounds on the website, but you can buy for 20 on groupon. They've been featured there a few times.

- after buying the groupon, took me 2 months to get a call from Pieroth. Had to ask groupon to get in touch with pieroth. Got an answer that they also were not able to contact them and were happy in offer me a refund.

- Unexpectedly got a call and booked the experience. In the day agreed I had my guests at home, the person never showed up and i had to ask groupon to refund me.  

David Ling wrote at 2013-09-23 13:35:29
Thank Alt for a useful update. The sorry saga continues ...

Disgruntled TG wrote at 2015-07-31 08:57:29
I've recently been at a recruitment day for Pieroth Wines. The tastings and free gift offers are their way in to sell you their wines.

I cannot comment on the quality of the wines as I have never had any of them, but it was clear from the presentation I went to that they recruit sales people, not wine people. So if you book a wine tasting, expecting an informed, educational experience, you are likely to be disappointed, unless the rep they send happens to have wine knowledge. The level of wine knowledge they offered to give potential employees was minimal and restricted to the wines they will be trying to sell you.

The wage structure is basically commission only (there is a "basic" element, but if your monthly commission is less than the basic, then you owe the company the difference...

In short, not the job for me, and I won't be ordering a tasting from them any time soon

I am

Brent M wrote at 2015-08-03 09:29:13
I had a great experience with David from Pieroth in London last week. He brought 5 reds, 5 whites, a Rose and a Port. I liked most, really liked 3-4, and loved the port. He seemed to have been in the wine business for quite some time and knew his stuff.

All in all it was a really fun evening with my friends trying out wine while we ate some nibbles we had bought to go along with it. When was the last time I wine expert came to your dinner table and slowly poured you 12 glasses while explaining each? The whole time David was a really great 'master of ceremonies' to the experience and I'd highly recommend the whole thing.

TimiBoy wrote at 2016-02-17 23:29:07
I'm time poor. Had a tasting last night and bought near 50 bottles that I really LIKED. The Rep knew his stuff, he hurried through because we prompted him to. It's our second buy with Pieroth, nothing bad to say, and I don't have to experiment with some of the garbage being sold at a premium in Australian wine stores.

David wrote at 2016-02-26 00:09:14
I'm delighted that your experience was more positive than some others have reported. And very sorry that some Australian stores haven't served you well.

Simon wrote at 2016-12-20 18:09:50
I would never order from them again so poor customer service the last 4 orders have either been late or the wrong wine sent or short delivery, my last one was just the last straw as went to a tasting to order for Christmas gave all card details for delivery on the 12 Dec only to get a call on Monday the 19th 8 days late !!!! Say problem with card strange lol card worked all week and total lies my new card came on the 16th so was working perfect, they just cover up for bad customer service never again will I use this company  


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