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Wine/Is Chateau LaSalle Still Available?


Nick wrote at 2011-04-08 18:43:34
I have found Chateau La Salle. It is available through Internet Wines and Spirits in St. Louis. I purchased six bottles, and I have to say I wish I had just bought one. It is not anything like the wine I remember. This wine produced by Prestige Wines is too sweeet, too heavy, too dark, and does not have the same effervescence as the original. While it has the same label, it is bottled in a regular clear wine bottle. The original was bottled in a "Chianti" like clear bottle. I remember a light, mildly sweet table wine that our family enjoyed with our Easter dinner. Too bad this wine doesn't come close.  

Gina Meixner wrote at 2012-12-28 00:37:50
After trying several types of wines, when making pickled northern pike, we found that the Christian Brothers Chateau LeSalle wine gave the best flavor.  We tested our pickled fish recipe on many of our guests at our resort.  During the 1970's and and 1980's.  Now we'll have to taste test other sweet wines, since we just decided to try some pickling again after 20 yrs of not making a batch of pickled northern.

Stephen J Hallahan wrote at 2015-11-12 12:12:27
I will miss the sweet white wine Chateau La Salle as well I loved the apricot tones I drank it while eating lobster .I wish someone would start to make that again ...


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