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Wine/Sediment (stirred up)


Hi David,
I wrote to you a few weeks back and you gave me a very helpful answer, so I hope you don't mind but I thought I'd tax your mind again.
I have a bottle of Nuits 1947 made by the Société Vinicole à Beaune (which the lovely chap at BB&R tells me is the winemaking school there, and extremely difficult to get bottles from without visiting) but as before, I bought it for a song from German eBay. The bottle was obviously shaken in transit and this stirred the sediment up.
I have stood the bottle up and left it still (except to check the clarity) since it arrived in the middle of last week, but this doesn't seem to have changed anything. The combination of sedimenty wine and rather dark glass make it quite difficult to see if there is any settlement at all.
For comparison, the previous bottle was clear within a few days.
I had been intending to drink this bottle on Boxing Day with my family - okay, it may be dead, but it's just a bit of fun. Do you know whether having the sediment stirred up will affect anything other than the clarity of the wine (i.e. the taste)? Obviously I'd like to have this in ideal conditions, but if it's not going to affect the taste, then I'll just open it at whatever point is convenient.
Any thoughts?
Many thanks,

Hi Matthew,

Hope this isn't too late.

Cloudiness that isn't just suspended solids can be worrying but you have nothing to lose by decanting it through a fine unbleached coffee filter paper just before service.

Keep ypour fingers crossed though.




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