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QUESTION: We have just acquired a bottle of Heidrick &Co Dry Monopole Reserved for England Champagne and wonder if there is any value. I will try attach a photo.
Thank you for any help.

ANSWER: Hi Maureen,

'Reserved for England' was a fairly common designation on Champagne bottles before and following WWII, denoting a different dosage - the amount of sugar added for secondary fermentation in the bottle - designed for that particular market. (UK drinkers usually drink Champagne as an aperitif and so prefer a drier style than the French, who more often drink Champagne with food.)

Of more significance in this case is that your photo shows what appears to be a pristine bottle of Heidseick 1945 - an outstanding vintage - so it undoubtedly has a sufficient potential value to deserve professional appraisal.

Please come back telling me where you are so that I can suggest a suitable local wine auctioneer you might like to contact.

I don't want to raise your hopes too much in case the appraiser sees faults in this bottle that aren't apparent from your photo but we're talking well into three figures GBP so don't drop it!



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: How exciting! It's a small bottle - perhaps 400 or 500 ml - nothing on label but it's smaller than a regular wine bottle. We are in North East Fife, Scotland.  Labels very good condition, small light stain (size of a penny) on main label.
Thank you so much for your reply.

Hi Maureen,

It wasn't apparent that this isn't a regular bottle and I'm afraid that will affect the sale value.

The nearest specialist wine auctioneer to you that I know is McTears in Glagow ( but Thomson Roddick in Edinburgh ( sometimes include fine wines in their sales.

The big London houses - Bonham's, Christies and Sotheby's - all have Edinburgh offices too.

They all hold free valuation days from time to time so I suggest you phone around to find a convenient time to call when they have a wines specialist present.




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