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I have two bottles of champagne over 25 to 30 years old still in the box are they still good, and if they are wwreath  any money, one is Perrier-joust  a epernay-France Graud Brut, the other mum extra dry  G. h. mumm& C Ste. vinicle

It all depends on how they were kept all this time. If they were kept in a humid place they might still be drinkable. Check if there are any leaks, they are telltales of improper storage or a defective cork. Otherwise, the only way to know is to open and try it. As for value, I would be surprised if they would be worth anything at all. That is unless they are Millesimé Champagne. In order to be Millesimé they will have to bear the harvest year printed in the label.


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