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Good evening, I recently purchased a bottle of Krug 1995 Brut from a local wine store in NJ, unfortunately I am not nearly wealthy enough to afford/ justify purchasing one of their Clos... The bottle seems to have been on display in its individual box, stored horizontally at a relatively stable temperature, albeit room temp. as opposed to cellar/ ideal temps. Upon removing the 750 mL bottle from its box and inspecting it to the best of my knowledge, I noticed what I would describe as a moderate amount of fine particulates or sediment, varied in shape but all quite small and whitish in appearance when I held the bottle up to a light. I plan on giving this bottle as a gift to my sister when she graduates from law school in May 2013, and plan on consuming it then or shortly thereafter. So now for my twofold question: what is your most probable guess as to what these particles are (lees, tartrates, very small pieces of cork, or otherwise), and will the presence of these particles negatively effect the wine? I am most grateful for any assistance you can provide, as I would like to give my sister a wonderful gift, and not an expensive bottle of spoiled wine. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter. Cheers, Eric


The particles in your bottle are undoubtedly tartrates. It's very common, in fact you should expect to find them in any fine wine of maturity. And the higher quality a wine is, the more likely it is to have tartrates. This is because the best wines are not cold stabilized and filtered (a process for removing tartrates), in order to preserve the intricacies and subtle character of the wine. Don't fret! They will have no affect on the taste of the wine which I'm sure will be spectacular!  


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