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Wine/Are these vintage bottles of Porto?


Ferreira & Dona Antonia Front view
Ferreira & Dona Antoni  

Ferreira & Dona Antonia - Back view
Ferreira & Dona Antoni  
Hi there, I would like to know if the following 2 bottles of Porto are vintage & how much I could estimate at getting for them in the UK? Where can I go as an individual to do this? These were given to me by a family friend many years ago.

1. Dona Antonia reserva pessoal PORTO Ferreira EST 1751 (the number on a Garantia white seal label on the bottle is : 353215 -02), 75cl

2. FERREIRA PORTO EST 1751 SUPERIOR TAWNY (the number on the Garantia label is 704573-52), 75cl

They are both in excellent condition apart from the No.2 bottle having a little bit of the main label come off at the top - see photo. (The bottles are little dusty as they have come straight from the cellar).

I appreciate your help in this matter. Regards Carina VdLeest

Hello Carina

These are not Vintage Ports, but Tawnhy Ports. The Superior Tawny is a regular 4 year old Tawny and the Dona Antonia is an older blend around 7 years old. Both bottles have no more than the nominal value, as you find them regularly in the market, even if with slightly different labellings.


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