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I have recently found 6 bottles of wine at the back of an elderly
relatives garage of which neither of us know nothing about but her husband must have put them there for a reason.

The bottle labels read;

Ets Saint Ferdinand
Chateau La Tour Capet Grans Cru 1972
Appellation Saint Emilion Controlee

Not all bottles are 1972 they date within a year or so of the above bottle in question.

I am from Doncaster

Hi Keith,

I don't know any property of this name but there's a bit about Ch Tour de Capet at tht you might like to see as it probably changed slightly when it was sold to new owners.

I'd be very surprised if there was much value or pleasure in any minor St-E of this age found 'in the back of a garage' - particularly as the series of vintages following 1970 was very ordinary to say the least - it was dreadful in '74.

Sorry but these would be difficult to sell so I can only suggest you open them for the experience - but with caution as I'd I expect them to have lost most of their fruit and to have developed an unpleasant aroma and taste of wet cardboard and/or vinegar.

Sorry but I think these are probably on their way to the tip.




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