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QUESTION: David, I live in New Mexico, USA, and acquired one heart shaped 750 ml bottle of Paul Masson Rare Cream Sherry, Cuvee No 702C, and one of 4/5 Quart of Rare Tawny Port, Cuvee No 201J. Are both or one of interest to collectors, and if so what is their approximate value and where could I sell them.  Neither has been opened and both have have their clear plastic vacuum seal cap in tact.  Both now show sediment on the bottom that floats when shaken.

Thank you, David,  Sincerely Peter

ANSWER: Hi Peter,

I'm sorry but Paul Masson wines don't have much appeal to enthusiasts because production volumes are so high from this mega company. They also usually seek real Sherries (from Spain) and Ports (from Portugal).

Masson's have a good reputation though within the price range they operate in commercially so these may still be enjoyable as examples of their style. But I can't see significant value in them as you'd find it difficult to find an auction house or merchant that would be interested.



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With same batch I got a 1965 Emissary Selection Tinta Medeira Port by Redwood Creek Vineyards, Chateau Diana, and 100 proof E. Vache & Co California Brandy, Brookside Brandy Cellars, Delano, CA.  Anything interesting or noteworthy about either of them?  Thanks, Peter

PS  Presume screw cap on the latter bespeaks its quality.

Hi Peter,

The description 'Madeira Port' is curious to say the least as Madeira only comes from the island of Madeira, which is an Autonomous Region of Portugal, while Port only comes from the Douro area in the North of the Portuguese mainland. Thus Redwood Creek seem to have tried to gain from the prestige these areas enjoy by applying it to a wine that is clearly neither!

I'm afraid I can't tell you anything very interesting about the brandy but a screw cap does suggest to me that it comes from a modern bottler who has invested in a costly automated bottling line - a good sign!




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