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Hi Antonio
I have read your answer about  Using hydrogen peroxide to reduce SO2 in wine. It's very good. So I just want to double check if I use a correct portion of hydrogen peroxide (3%) in my class of wine (150ml -200ml). Is it 1 drop would be enough?
Thanks a lot
P.S.: BTW I have been to "MASSANDRA" Vineyard in the Crimea in Ukraine and saw the wine from 1775 that was $50,000 a bottle! It is near Yalta. I bought there a collection fortified wine from the year 1955 for $40 us! How's that?

Hello Iryna,

Actually,no, because you are using a solution with a much lower concentration, which must be accounted for. Let's redo the calculations using the 3% solution instead of the original 35%:

Assuming that your peroxide solution is 3% mass/mass and considering the peroxide density to be 1.41 g/L, each mL of that solution has 30 mg of peroxide (3 g per [97 + (3 ¸ 1.41)]mL <-> 3 g per 101.2 mL <-> 0.03 g/mL = 30 mg/mL). So, as 30 ¸ 12.5 = 2.4, you need to make a new solution by taking 1 mL of you 3% m/m solution and adding 11.5 mL of distilled water. This will create a solution of which each drop (assuming a volume of 1 mL for the drop) adds 2.4 mg of peroxide to your wine, that is the right amount to remove 30 mg/L of sulfur.

If you would add 1 mL of the 3%, you would be adding 30 mg of peroxide and your wine would just turn into a Sherry!!!

As for Massandra, I envy you. I have always wanted to go there, but have to do with the accounts of people like yourself who were fortunate enough to go. I hope you enjoy that 1955 for your and my sake.

на здоровье!


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