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Wine/are any of these still good?


I recently went to a wine auction. all of these wines were on the shelf of a package store. It was $20 for the shelf (liquidation auction). I was hoping one or two of these might still be good.

Thorny Rose- Red Blend- Columbia valley 2009

Pares Balta- organic Cabernet 14% Merlot 41% Syrah 45%- Ros de Pacs 2011

and LaJoya Reserve- Carmenere DO Colchagua Valley Chile 2009

Thank you!- Mindy

There is no reason why any of them should not be good unless they were kept in poor condition. Look at the labels and top seal: if you see no fading of colours and no leakage signs, odds are they have no problems and could be enjoyed. Leave LaJoya for last as it should keep for longer time.


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