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Recently a friend gave me 3 antique Bottles of liqueurs:

1. 1890  Le Chateau Tro Cadero Creme Surfine made in Bordeaux France.

2. undated  bottle of (labled ) The Grand Marnier Liquer, Fine Champagne and Orange.   cant find a date but it wa imported through Carillion  Importers at 610 fifth Ave NY.  the only number i can find is one that appears on what i believe to be the tax stamp.

3. And Old bottle of Dom Benedictine but the labels are in pretty poor shape.

all three appear to be unopened but it appears ome of the alcohol in the first 2 may have evaporated and the Dom is like 1/3 full of what appears to be a syrup.

I'm curious if they have any collector value and where i might go to find out.


Hi John,

This question highlights an oddity of US law as it wouldn't be lawful for you to sell these privately while they contained any alcohol, and it's highly unlikely that any merchant or auction house would be interested in them as they would have limited appeal in the condition you describe, but EMPTY bottles would have some value on Ebay!


My instinct would be to drink them and enjoy what you find - I hope (!) - and then try your luck on Ebay.

I only have experience of tasting VERY old Benedictine, through a family trade connection, and that remains as a highlight of my life so don't be put off by appearances. (It wasn't much like a fresh bottle as most of the alcohol had evaporated - as yours seems to have done - but I loved the complex, herby syrup that remained when drizzled over vanilla icecream.)




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