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Wine/too much humidity in wine cave


Dear Antonio,
I am assisting the CEO of a prominent corporation who has a home in France. He has an extensive wine cellar with well over 1000 bottles. This cellar, is actually an old cave which remains a perfect temperature but due to its proximity to a passing stream, has humidity problems. He has the opposite problem of most wine collectors. He has too much humidity.
Recently, while traveling his de-humidifier crapped out. He lost several very fine bottles due to the excessive moisture. I have an engineering background and know that there must be a system that could protect his fragile wines.
Here is his desire;
1.   Install a water collection system that can be pumped out of the cellar. Seems like a descent sump pump could handle that, as unobtrusive as possible.
2.   Install a humidistat that can be monitored remotely via his smart phone. He would also like to be able to control the humidity remotely.
3.   He would love to have a humidity alarm that would be picked up on his phone.
4.   Niceties that would make him happy; cameras connected to his WiFi for remote viewing and light controls.
5.   Bottom line; he would love to pick up his phone, open an app, and know instantly that his collection is safe.
Have you heard of such a system or will I need to piece together all the component parts? Thanks for any help you can give me.
  Sincerely, Dick Schlueter

Hi Richard,

This is a tough one to tackle. The only system I know that has webcontrolled dehumidification is for indoor pools by Seresco: WebSentry app exists for the iphone. Check their webpage at:

Other than that, you would have to build a system component by component. Some companies could assist you with the project. One of the best engineers I know in France for environmental control of wine buildings is Jean-Louis Bouillet of Bordeaux. Others are:
Aura Dynamics:
Wine Cellar Designs:

For remote control, CAS is a good company:

For dehumidifiers, some solutions are:

I hope this helped.

Good luck.


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