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QUESTION: I have a recipe that calls for Chinese Shaoxing wine but suspect it might be harder to find. It can be substituted with dry sherry but I'd like a non-alcoholic version to avoid flames when cooking. Does non-alcoholic dry sherry exist?

ANSWER: Hi James

Shaoxing wine is hard to find in the US, but there are some alternatives.  The most obvious would be any kind of sake~ which is a similar rice wine, vut feom Japan.

You could also use Sherry, but it will have a steonger flavor.  (You don't need yo worry about fire danger~ these wines are less than 20% alcohol, and they would need to be more than double that level to catch fire.)

Another choice would be a dry white wine, preferably one that's ob sale because it's too old, which will make it more like sherry.

Or you could even use a lighter beer!

Hope that helps

Paul Wagner

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QUESTION: How will I know when the alcohol is completely gone? I don't drink and hate even the smell of alcohol. I am trying to make a sauce for orange chicken.

ANSWER: Hi James

Because alcohol evaporates at a lower temperature than water, most of it "cooks out" after a few minutes.  But if you use a light beer, the alcohol level is very low (3~4% compared to 15~20% for Sherry or Sake) so you won't notice it at all.

Good luck!

Paul Wagner

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Just to confirm any such thing as non-alcoholic sherry? And is the drink popular in case I have a  lot left over?

Hi James

I don't have great news for you there. Sherry isn't very popular, and although I like it a lot, most people are not fans.

If that's a concern, go for a bottle of beer, because it's both cheaper and comes in a smaller bottle.

Paul Wagner  


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