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Hi David,
I live in Connecticut.
My Aunts (2 sisters) passed away a few years back and I've held on to two bottles found in their basement and I would like to know the value:
seal reads-browne-vintners Co, inc new york city, NY
Cognac trademark on capsules&cases brandy
J.&F. Martel
The contents of this bottle are the natural product of wine produced and distilled in the cognac district of France and accompanied at the time of importationby the Acquit Regional Jaune d'Or, issued by the French Government
4/5 Quart  (Martell's signature) 84 proof
Cognac, France
produced and bottled in Cognac (France)
Sole Distributors In the U.S.A.
Browne-Vintners Co., Inc
New York, NY

The 2nd bottle:
Wedding Veil 1973 (wrapped in white mesh with red heart tied around the top of the bottle.
Product of Germany Alcohol 11% by volume picture of a man and woman light rhine wine cont.:Pt8 fl. ozs.
Wedding Veil
Liebfraumilch-Qualitatswein b.A.
A.P. Nr.4907 151 13 75
Imported by Austin, Nichols & Co., Inc New York, NY

Thanks for your time.

Hi Rosanne,

The Cognac is a good commercial blend but it won't have appreciated over the years as spirits don't improve/deteriorate with age if the seal remaims sound. Your bottle would be difficult to sell though as the commission payable to any merchant or auction house willing to help you sell this lawfully would take most of the resale price.

I suggest you keep it to enjoy over Christmas.

The Wedding Veil Liebfraumilch was an off-dry low-cost German table wine intended for drinking on release so it is some 30 years into decline now. There is no possibility of pleasure from drinking it and it would be impossible to sell. One for the tip I'm afraid - or for disposal in whatever responsible manner your local authority recommends (!).




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