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QUESTION: I've found the bottle in the attached photo among other liquors of an old aunt of mine and I'm not able to find a similar one on the web. On the round label under the cork you can read IVP and in the front label, under MB, is written: Aced for 10 years in wood; Morgan Brothers. Lda; Vila Nova de Gaia; produce of Portugal. I've found some examples for MB Port, but the label is completely different. Could you date it and tell me if it's a collection port and its value? Thanks a lot for your time and best regards

ANSWER: Hi Evelin,

You have an old bottle of aged Tawny Port from an old-established company that was owned by Croft from 1952/2001 until it was sold to The Fladgate Partnership.

The name hasn't been used for Ports since then so your bottle must date from before 2001 - but I can't be more precise as Tawnies are blended from several vintages.

I'm afraid it wouldn't interest collectors so I can't see significant value; sorry!



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I bother you once again, even if I'm giving up the hope of becoming rich thanks these bottles! I know the port in the attached photo is not that worth, but what I wonder is how to find out the production's year of a bottle, because I saw that the price range is quite wide and depending from it. Beside this, I noticed that the word Porto on my label is written under Fine Reserve, while on the labels found on the web is written between Fonseca and Bin 27. Another question: what does for you mean "not significant value"? 5-20 €? 20-40 €?...
Hope you didn't get too bored by my trivial questions, but I really am tabula rasa in this subject. I forgot to tell you that I live in Sicily.

Hi Evelin,

The only Ports, or other wines, where the production year can be identified easily are those of a stated single vintage as everything else will be a blend - unless a bottling year is given on the lable. (Company records may note changes of lable design but that information isn't made public and wouldn't be very helpful anyway as blended wines are assembled to achieve a consistent house style.)

Your Fonseca Bin 27 is a good quality Ruby Port but, again, not one that would interest collectors I'm afraid.

By "no significant value" I was trying to tell you that you would be unlikely to find a buyer willing to pay enough to do much more than repay the cost of selling it after deduction of auction/merchant commission and delivery. (Assuming you could find any auctioneer willing to accept such a bottle or a merchant to make you an offer.)




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