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I'm a big fan of your Wine Express tastings, but I have to ask, do you REALLY enjoy all of the wines that you post videos for?  Do you ever just want to say, ehhhhhh :)

Also, when you are done shooting the videos, where does the wine go? Do you guys split it up amongst yourselves over lunch or something like that?

Lastly, are you familiar with Olema Pinot Noir and Olema Cab, by Amici Cellars? They're my favorites as of late (at the $20) range.  Your thoughts??

Thanks for your question. I choose all of the wines in my videos because I think each one has something to offer. As with everything, there are some I like more than others but I try to focus on what I think is most compelling for the particular wine I'm tasting. Yes, usually the staff here does a tasting afterwards. I haven't run across the Olema wines from Amici Cellars. I'll look out for them.  


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