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I have a bottle of pommery&greno champagne 1856  unopened  whats it worth

Hi Maxine

OK.  Let's be clear: the date on your bottle is not a vintage date (the year the grapes were harvested) it's the year the firm was founded.  Your bottle is a non~vintage wine from that firm.

How old is it? I am not sure I could tell you even if I could see the bottle, as these wines deliberately confuse the issue to prevent consumers from trying to find one bottling over another.

The bad news is that non~vintage bubblies are released when they are ready to drink, and are not intended to be aged.  Depending on how old your bottle is, it could well have lost most of its charm by now.

It won't hurt you to try it...just chill it down well beforehand.  But it will probably be a bit tired, faded, and flat.

For all those reasons, it won't have much value to collectors or connoisseurs, so you have little to lose.

Hope that helps.  I am sorry that I can't give you more exciting news.

Paul Wagner


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