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Wine/remy martin fine champagne xo special


I purchased a large bottle of this 18 or 20 years ago.A very special occasion yesterday I opened it for guests, unfortunately the cork just crumbled away into the brandy.After several times of sieving the liquid i have poured it back in the bottle and put cling film round the neck. Any advice how to keep what I have left would be appreciated.I have tried to e mail remy but with no success.This bottle was purchased at bangkok airport dutyfree at a cost of approx £200. So very disapointed.

Hi Ann,

Oh what a shame!

I think you've already done everything you can to rescue the situation and suggest you find more 'very special occasions' soon so that you can finish the bottle before it deteriorates further through evaporation into the headspace.

With hindsight, it might have been better to decant the brandy into two smaller bottles via an unbleached filter paper and to have sealed one while you enjoyed the other - rather than to 'sieve several times' as that will have increased exposure to air.

I doubt if Remy will be willing to help as I'd expect them to claim (probably correctly) that the bottle was in perfect condition when they supplied it to whichever wholesaler supplied the shop at Bangkok airport.

It might be an interesting experiment to buy another (small!) bottle of Remy XO to taste alongside yout disaster to see how much deterioration occurred under the failed cork and during your sieving. (If you can face what might be another disappointment.)




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