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QUESTION: I have a bottle of Constantino Brandy, the front label reads: Especial-Constantino-SVP Constantino SARL-Porto, and it has a red stamp diagonal across front and back labels "Fine old brandy"it was found under the floorboards of an old house, there is no seal and the lid looks like it has been opened, I wasn't able to find anything about its age online, there is no barcode or health warnings and no quantity amount anywhere, I've attached some pics, it only lets me upload 2 so I sent the front and the bottom, just curious how long it has been under the floor! Thanks

ANSWER: Hi Carol

Thanks for your query. Its hard to tell, I've just had a look around online and can't get much info. However looking closely i can see the bottle label has something on it, does it say Grand Prix Nice and then a year.
what year is that please?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The year is 1897, thank you I hope you have better luck than I did!

I've managed to find a bit of info. The 1897 Grand Prix Nice refers to an award given to Constantino in a Spirits fair in that year. It doesn't refer to the age of the bottle.
So were back where we started i'm afraid. I suspect, looking at the labels, that the bottle is perhaps 30-50 years old, its an older style of label. How long its been under the floor, I couldn't answer that I'm afraid. It could have been put there two years ago. But i suspect the bottle to be 30-50 year s old.
You mention it might have been opened. What level is the liquid inside at? I'd say it would still be worth trying, Brandy is pretty long-lasting and can hold up to most abuse, so i imagine it'll be very tasty.
Sorry i couldn't be more help.


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